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The PMA4000 is a 4-place panel mounted intercom with added capability for switching two communications transceivers and navigation receivers, as well as providing a speaker amplifier. The intercom features PS Engineering's exclusive IntelliVox® with individual volume controls for both the pilot and copilot.

  • A multi-position mode switch allows the pilot to select either Pilot Isolate or All intercom modes.  
  • The ISO mode isolates the pilot from the intercom, and connects directly with the aircraft radios. The copilot and passengers are free to have conversation and enjoy the entertainment without radio interruption. The pilot is not distracted by passenger intercom use and has control over the radio communications.  
  • The "ALL" mode places everybody on a party line. Each person hears all intercom conversation and aircraft radio reception. Everyone hears the entertainment source as well.  
  • The "Off" mode is part of the automatic fail-safe interconnect to the aircraft systems. If power to the intercom is disrupted, the pilot's headset is automatically connected to the aircraft radio. This permits continuous radio communications.

The PMA4000 has independent intercom volume controls for the pilot, and the copilot. Because this system was designed with the tandem cockpit in mind, the copilot volume can be remote-mounted in another location. Because the pilot and copilot volume control does not affect the aircraft radio volume, balance between the intercom and radio audio is easily achieved. For instance, by reducing the pilot's intercom volume, the aircraft radio volume will be in the foreground, while the intercom will be at a background level.

The PMA4000 takes advantage of PS Engineering's revolutionary IntelliVox® intercom squelch system. By harnessing the computational power of microprocessors, the PMA4000 eliminates complicated squelch adjustments. In addition, by using independent microphone circuits unwanted noise is kept out of the audio. Since only the microphone being spoken into is open, extraneous cabin noise is minimized. Individual squelch controls mean that the system can be tailored to different microphones, as well as variations in voice levels in the cockpit.

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