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Aspen Avionics

PFD Pro Plus 1000 MAX System

PFD Pro Plus 1000 MAX System

Pro Plus MAX System Includes: Display, configuration module, AOA, SV, ADSB unlock, RSM, ACU, installation kits, SD card and pilot document kit.

The brand-new and affordable Evolution 1000 Pro MAX brings the latest generation of display technology and capabilities that bridge the avionics technology gap. For Aspen customers old and new, your investment retains its value, and will never be obsolete. Period. This applies to legacy primary and multi-function displays already installed.  This revolutionary upgrade is now available!

We also offer an affordable and simple, legacy Evolution 1000 Pro MAX PFD upgrade path to new Pro MAX features with a new two-year warranty!

Now, all Evolution displays will be MAX-based to enhance functionality and performance across our entire product line.

For Aspen customers old and new, get the most out of flying by taking your displays to the MAX.

The next generation in flight displays from Aspen Avionics has arrived.  Like all Aspen displays, the innovative Evolution Series form factor installs easily in existing instrument panels, and eliminates bulky remote boxes and heavy wiring.

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