Supply Chain Issues Affecting Avionics Market

Posted by Steve Olive on

While the avionics market has remained strong throughout the past two Covid-filled years, the worldwide supply chain issues have finally struck the avionics world with a vengeance.  Since early 2021, some slowdowns have occurred with avionics deliveries, but in the past few weeks the slowdowns became a near stoppage.  As of 15 November, some popular products have 6 month or greater delivery times, including Garmin GTN navigators, GTX transponders, and many other components.  Avidyne, Stratus, Bendix King and S-TEC/Genesys are all feeling the effects as well.  As avionics shops, pivoting to other product offerings (like aircraft maintenance and repairs) may be a necessary strategy. For avionics buyers, be prepared for long delays on your preferred avionics packages. In the meantime, be prepared for more slowdowns, price increases, and long waits.   My recommendation: get your orders in now!

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